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    HOPE panhandle + sbp have partnered

    In need of rebuilding assistance? Fill out our online intake form to see if you qualify.
  • HOPE panhandle + sbp have partnered
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    HOPE Panhandle and SBP's rebuilding work will be strengthened by
    7,000 volunteers who will support our efforts year-round.
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    Hurricane Michael Relief
    Your generous donations will go toward Hurricane Michael Relief continued
    efforts by providing essential supply items to local residents.


Rebuild, Share, Prepare,
Advise and Advocate

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Volunteers help rebuild for families impacted by Hurricane Michael.

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Need assistance rebuilding? Fill out our online intake form to see if you qualify.

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About Us

SBP has partnered with Hope Panhandle, a local group with important local connections. SBP will serve as a trainer, capacity builder and funder for this group and others so that more families can be served quickly and with the efficiencies of SBP’s proven-effective model for rebuilding, volunteer coordination and disaster case management.

HOPE Panhandle, Inc., a nonprofit organization with recognized IRS tax-exempt status.

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Rebuilding Together

HOPE Transitions to Rebuilding

Hope Panhandle merged into a construction operation by following a model designed by a National organization called SBP who has AmeriCorps volunteers lead rebuilding efforts. read more...

Hope Panhandle & SBP

Hope Housing Initiative is working alongside SBP www.sbpusa.org to limit the time homeowners suffer from displacement. read more...

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